Don't know what to post on social media to promote your business? No time to create engaging graphics? Don't know how to create captions and hashtags?

Our 365 Days Social Media Posting Strategy is for you! Check out our strategies below


Need help in creating promotional advertisements for your business? Don't know how to create engaging Social Media Sponsored Ads? Get our ready to use promo ads today!


Don't know how to create video content for your TikTok or Reels Page? Our ready to use TikTok and Reels Video Content Strategy is for you!


  • Ready-to-Use Posts

    Embrace a hassle-free approach to content creation with a year's worth of meticulously curated posts. Effortlessly maintain a consistent and engaging social media presence across various platforms.

  • No Skills Required

    All images are designed professionally so you can download and post on your page. You can also edit using drag and drop function using phone, tablet, or laptop.

  • Accessible via Canva Free Account

    All images are editable and downloadable via Canva so you can brand them according to your business. You can save your work under your Canva Free Account. 

  • Ready-to-Use Captions & Trending Hashtags

    Enhance the impact of your posts with captivating captions that resonate with your audience. Leverage trending hashtags to increase visibility and engagement.

  • Best Time to Post Strategy

    All social media content are plotted in a social media calendar with the best time and day to post recommendation for optimum reach and engagement. 

  • Reusable Every Year

    Each post is designed for versatility, ensuring that your content remains evergreen and adaptable to changing trends. Save time and effort by repurposing content without compromising its impact.

  • Lifetime Access

    Invest in your social media content posting strategy with a one-time purchase, enjoying unlimited access for life.

  • Support After Purchase

    After purchase, you can easily message and contact us for inquiries and assistance. Our customer support team is available every day to provide you great and seamless experience with our strategies. 




Is the content package applicable to my business?

Absolutely! That is why we created customized social media content to match the needs of your business.

On the other hand, we also have a General Business strategy that will blend easily with any type of business if your business is not in our customized strategies.

Also, all content follows the 80-20 formula of effective social media advertising so it pays to have content that provides value to your audience that does not necessarily talk about your products or services.

We are currently updating our customized strategies, so make sure to follow our Facebook page facebook.com/dgstrategists for more updates.

Do I need to send product images or logo of my business?

We created the images using Canva. Canva is a very easy to use design tool. So you don’t need to send us your product images or logo. You can easily do it yourself using Canva. 

Will you be the one to post the content?

As much as we want to help you with that, we can’t. First, we don’t have access to your social media page. Second, you should not give your social media page logins to anyone. But hey, since the content are already made the whole year, you can simply schedule them using Facebook’s Publishing Tool (Business Suite), Hootsuite, Sproutsocial, or any other scheduling tool. 

With the content package, does this mean I will have the same content (images) as others who availed?

What we offer is Social Media Content Strategy. It is a strategy that can help you promote your business and manage your social media page. To make everything unique to each client, we created the images via Canva. Which means you can edit the design and even put your logo on the images. And make the whole design unique to your brand.

Can you make the whole content more customized for my business?

Of course, WE CAN! Our main service is social media management and content creation. We have been creating content strategy for different businesses for years now. For our monthly social media management rates, simply message us and inquire about our packages. 

Will you share the files via Google Drive or other file sharing app?

No, we don’t. Once payment is confirmed, we will send all the files via email. Once you receive all the materials in the strategy you can save them on any device for offline and online use.

All images are Canva links, so you need to open the link to privately edit and download all the images.

How long will it take for me to receive the materials?

Once payment is confirmed, we will process your strategy right away. Processing time is 5 to 10 minutes.

After successful checkout, I did not receive the files.

Oopss.. tech problems do happen. In case you were not able to receive your strategy after checkout, kindly message us on Messenger via m.me/dgstrategists or email us at dgstrategists@gmail.com so we can assist you real time.

After availing, will you still be available for questions?

Definitely! We won’t be a stranger to you after availing. We love to know what you think about the whole package. Plus, if you have questions, we are happy to assist you. Just simply message us here or email us at dgstrategists@gmail.com.


You can request an OFFICIAL RECEIPT by messaging us on m.me/dgstrategists or emailing us at dgstrategists@gmail.com together with your details.

Is this legit?

BIG YES! We are very legit! We hate trolls and scammers! And we understand your fear of getting scammed. But we assure you, your investment in this product is worth it. We are also a registered company in the Philippines. You may also check out the testimonials of some of our clients. And our business registration documents here.