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[EBOOK] Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising

[EBOOK] Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising

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Best Practices on How to Launch Well-Performing Facebook Ads


This book is divided in 2 parts.

Part 1 - Creating and Setting Up a Facebook Page

  • Benefits of having a Facebook Page
  • How to make your Facebook page stand out
  • How to optimize your Facebook page for better reach and engagement
  • How to increase your Facebook following
  • How many posts should you post per day
  • Best practices in using hashtags
  • How to create a social media calendar

Part 2 - Creating and Launching Facebook Ads

  • Benefits of using Facebook Ads
  • How to create a Facebook Ads
  • Creating Facebook Ads image creative
  • Creating Facebook Ads Video creative
  • How to create effective Facebook Carousel Ads
  • Things to remember when launching Facebook Ads
  • Spam works to avoid when launching Facebook Ads
  • How to boost a post on Facebook without wasting your money

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